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Tips on What to do to Make Writing a Reality


Chances of starting an author's career are plenty.  Many people wish to write, but fail to do so.  This fear could be holding you back from a lucrative deal, and a more fulfilling career path.  With some effort and determination, you may get to realize your dream.  There are things you will need to consider, and change, to give you the right boost in your journey.


Writing requires a lot of time.  Those with other jobs will have to see how much free time they can spare.  Those with families will have to get their understanding and support so that their divided attention is accepted.  They shall keep you in check.  Do not neglect them either.


To capture the essence of your story, you will have to write down every relating idea as it comes.  This will enable you to refine it and marry it into your narrative, to produce quality work.  This is an attempt  to manage moments of thought block.  The aim is to produce a worthy book.  Keep your first topic within your field of expertise.


You may self-publish, or contract a publishing house.  To ensure you get the best rates, shop around the various publishing houses.  One of your contacts  could be working in such companies.  Your more experienced writing colleagues could also come in handy here.  Delegating such duties to professional publishers ensures you get the best expert knowledge on the job while eliminating the stresses of publishing.  Spending on publishing fees is a worthy investment. For more facts and info on how to become an author, Visit


When you decide to write; you will be more comfortable and thus a better writer when you settle on topics that you can have a lot to say about.  A well-chosen subject puts you at ease, and gives you freedom to stretch your writing boundaries.  Get the best free books on kindle here!


It  wise not to leave all the marketing duties to the publisher, as much as they are responsible for this.  It is their duty to market, but it is in your best interest to take the initiative.  Choose carefully who you give the first copies of your book, as their influence and contacts could be key to getting your book recognized.  Having it reviewed also adds to its appeal.  This should be done by professional reviewers.  You could also get journalists interested in your book.  The idea is to get them to write about your book, thus exposing it to a wider audience.  Another strategy would be to have a website for your book, with all the relevant information placed there.  You will realize that many of the books released nowadays have an accompanying website at  By keeping these ideas in mind, you stand a better chance of starting your writing career well.