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How to Be a Good Writer of Books


Everybody has a story to tell whether it is fiction or it is a real one.  And it the desire of many that they get to the point of publishing these.  Definitely, no book is easy to write because everybody reaches a point where they feel they cannot continue but the motivation lies in finishing the book.  For those aspiring to be the best writers around the world, you cannot miss looking into the following tips.


Be A Carrier of a Notebook and Pen


You do not have to plan so that you can start writing.  You cannot diminish the power of thought and this can happen anywhere anytime, and that is why you are required to always have somewhere you can write.  All these thoughts are critical in contributing to your material.  Let it be a norm to write stuff.  This kind of habit ensures that you get used to writing.


 Write Articles and Books That You Also Would Like to Read


It should be your desire to write a book that you so earnestly look forward to reading it.  You don't write a book so that you please the audience and that ends there, but you write material that you eagerly also want to read.  Be the first person to critic it and love it before it goes out to various people.  Put yourself in the shoes of the reader out there and see if you would have enjoyed picking the book.  The reaction you have also determine the reaction of the reader.  The whole idea lies in exciting you first, and then the audience follows. Check This Out!


 Do Not Expose Your Writing Before It Is Time


 It is a big mistake to go speaking about what you intend to write.  As a matter of fact, is that many people will have heard of it long before you come to publish it and few people will be interested since they know what is inside.  Begin being as reserved as possible when it comes to your writing.  The only person whom you can let read your work as you journey is probably your confidant, but for all other people outside there it is a good way to keep off seeking their opinions and disclosing our ideas as this will corrupt your creativity. To gain more knowledge on the importance of knowing how to write, go to


 In summary, start your work and ensure you accomplish it.  Do not be tempted to finish your work in the middle of writing. Check this important site for more info!